Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happy 8th Birthday Maria!

We went to dinner tonight for Maria's 8th birthday. Her choice was a little place right down the road so we walked there and she ordered the chicken and mamaliga. I love that McDonalds isn't her first choice!

For some reason during the dinner we were talking about laughing and smiling and I said, "I think it makes you healthier so you live longer". Then I said, "Granny should live for a long time". To which Maria added, "she might live as long as Methuselah!". I just love the fact that she can add meaningful conversation!

She opened two presents today. One was a pair of pink tennis shoes for her doll and the other was an add-on for the computer game Zoo Tycoon. She loves running and managing a zoo.

Tomorrow we have church and then a get together at the Bucur's house. Tomorrow is Florin's "name day" and it's also Palm Sunday.