Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm always "goofy-sided"

They do that double cheek kiss thing here and I always go to the wrong side. Always. I am so paranoid about it now that my heart beats faster when I know it's coming. I've bumped lips with too many people on accident!

I look to the wrong side EVERY time....seriously...every time. I think in the states when someone is going to kiss me on the cheek I look that way but here I need to look the other way first. Old habits die hard.

Maria has adapted to this smoothly and can now do the kissy thing like a pro. Steve and I look like...well...Americans!

This past Thursday was "ladies day". Sorta like Mother's day but for all ladies. We were so proud of ourselves because we had chocolates for the ladies that work with Steve and for the gymnastics coaches. Steve came home saying that he had to do the kissy thing with about half of them and he felt goofy.

I, of course, had gone "goofy-sided" and bumped lips with one of the coaches. I should just stick to hugs they are much easier!