Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Comedy of Errors

Our trip home from gymnastics this morning was just a comedy of errors. We had taken the 101 bus. It has been going down our street this year since they are doing construction that had changed it's route. Today we were happily riding along and discussing the change in Maria's rope routine. Then we noticed that we weren't in the left hand lane to turn.

Quick - the route changed again! We jumped up to get our stuff together so we could get off. Of course, I got tickled and started laughing then the old man next to us kept staring at us which made me laugh even more. You know that Fowler thing!

After we got off we had to cross the major intersection...twice... since we were diagonally across from where we needed to be. So we decided to reward ourselves with fornetti for the walk home (basically three bus stops of walking).

We got in line and I rehearsed in my mind what to say. Basically I wanted to order three lei worth of apple so there would be some left for Steve tonight. I got to the front and said, "treizeci mie mere". The lady looked at me and said, "a;lkdjf sflsajf mere?" I only got the mere at the end so I said "da" thinking that she was just asking if I wanted apple. Well she started scooping apple fornetti into this bag and when she finished I handed her my three lei and she shook her head and said the price again. This time I caught the "cinci" at the beginning and realized I owed her 5 lei. So I handed her two more. Then she shook her head again and said what sounded like "doi" which is 2, so I thought I owed her 20 bani (or cents). I handed her a 50 bani and then it clicked that the price had come to 5,90 lei. So I gave her another lei and she handed me back my coin and then my change.

Needless to say there was PLENTY left over for Daddy! We may be eating fornetti for days.

Oh well, it gave us something to laugh about and discuss on the walk home in the sunshine.