Thursday, March 08, 2007

So what in the world do you DO in Romania?

I think Romania sounds very foreign and isolated for most of us Americans so I'll give you an idea of what we do during the week here:

6:45am - We're up and eating breakfast
7:15am - Out the door to catch the bus to gymnastics
8:00am - Gymnastics for Maria, I usually take the bus to Auchon to buy produce
10:30am - Out of gymnastics and on our way home
11:00am - Bible study then lunch
11:30am - School work
2:30pm - Finished with school, free time, talk to the Granny, clean house etc.
4:00pm - Steve home from work, he usually runs before supper
6:00pm - Language lessons with the Bucurs (Only on Mondays)

The only differences in the week are: I may stay at gymnastics and read if the weather is REALLY yucky or go to pay bills or pick up packages.

On Wednesdays, Steve meets a Missionary from our church and they run together at a nearby park.

On Thursday evenings Steve and Maria meet the Bucurs at the skating rink for the free skate.

On Saturdays we go to Selgross in the car and buy the "big" groceries. We also have a massage therapist come to the house. Hey, at $10 for two hours of massage in our own home...who could resist?!? That we play a rousing game of Monopoly, European Landmark Edition.

On Sundays we have church, usually out for lunch, and then Steve and Maria go for a run.

I hope this gave you a brief glimpse of our life here. Any questions?