Monday, March 26, 2007

Baden for the Day

We took the train to Baden today. This is a small town outside of Vienna. The scenery was very pretty on the ride out there.

We just strolled around the town. We went through a park and found a playground. We played for about 30 minutes or so.

Then we went to this neat little cafe for lunch. You can see the restaurant in the background of the lake. We tried two Vienna specialties, a chicken dish and a beef dish. Both were very good.

Then onto the big surprise. We headed toward the Romertherme. You can see the building in the background in this strategically placed photo.

When we started going in Maria asked what it was and I said something that Daddy wanted to check out. She said later that she thought it was an airplane museum or something.

We walked in and she said, "wow, it's a big swimming pool"
Me - "Should we go swimming?"
Her - "We don't have our suits!"
Me - "Oh, yes we do!"
Her - "Cool"

We bought tickets and headed to the unisex changing room. Yes, you read that right! They had these "changing closets" but everyone was in one locker room. You gotta love Europe...or run screaming to find something to gouge out your eyes with!

The pool was awesome!

Afterward, we headed back to the train station with a short stop in the Gruner Markt (Green Market) for a snack to eat on the train.

Quick stop in the grocery store for a roasted chicken and salad and we're back in the apartment.