Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Bus Trip

2:52 am – My “internal” alarm clock went off, before the alarm, so I got up to start the water so it could be getting hot and went to read my emails.

3:00 am – I got in the shower and Steve started the coffee for me.

3:45 am – The Bucurs called to tell us that they were leaving their house and we could head outside.

4:30 am – We reached the bus station and all 7 of us piled out of the car! This is us waiting in the bus station.

6:00 am – We left on the bus to start our journey and everyone but Steve conked out.

7:00 am – I woke up and we had finally made it out of Bucharest. The only problem is that the major east-west road through Romania is literally a two lane highway. Oh yeah and it’s curvy too.

10:00 am – We took our second potty break. We all went and paid the potty tax so we could use the potty. Daddy spotted a fornetti stand and went to get us some apple fornetti.

11:00 am – Florin threw up. I think he just ate too many sandwiches and it was extremely HOT on the bus. The air is on now and the heat is off. Nothing like a puking child to get a change in the temperature.

12:30 pm - 45 minute stop somewhere in Romania. Steve and Maria used some of the time to run around a little and stay loose for the big race.

2:00 pm - Everyone spent the afternoon napping, reading, talking, or aimlessly staring out the window. Steve taught all the kids how to play Yahtzee.

6:00 pm - We ate supper on the bus. Maria and I had tuna out of the can and Steve had the quick pasta and chicken I had cooked the night before.

8:30 pm - We brushed our teeth in a bus stop. Then we attempted to sleep. Poor Steve has zero "Fowler" in him, so he slept very little.

5:30 am - We arrived in Vienna. We took a train and then the tram to reach the apartment. The apartments are great and we are settled in. Breakfast is pastries from the little shop down the road and outstanding Viennese coffee.

We're on to the race and the zoo!