Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

It is Spring here in Bucharest! Yeah!!! I am presenting a series of pictures that prove Spring has arrived in Romania:

All the flowers and trees are blooming and budding. We've been watching avidly on our morning walks to gymnastics.

The animals are out and about. The sparrows are working and singing away in the bushes and the Romanian ladybugs are visible again. Maria is holding one on her pointer finger.

The tree trunks are getting another coat of white stuff. As best we figured out last year, it is a lime based mix that prevents bugs and small shoots at the base of the trees.

And everyone is beating out their rugs on the rug posts between all the blocks.

And the Claritin is setting on my kitchen counter so I won't forget to take it! Praise the Lord they sell it here too.

I hope it's Spring wherever you are. Sorry Grampa and Gramma that spring comes to Romania before upstate NY!