Sunday, March 11, 2007

Great Sunday

We took Florin and Alexa to church with us this morning. They have only been to an Orthodox Church here so it was quite a change for them.

Then we had a snack at McDonald's. It was fun to watch the lady's face as we tried to order. Alexa speaks pretty much no English, Florin and Maria speak the second language about 25% correctly, Stephen speaks Romanian about 75%, and I speak it about 10%. Although I speak "mamaian" very well. When I divided the kids in the back seat, my message was clearly understood by all!

Then they played in Maria's room with a light bright. It is so fun to hear their "Romaglish" as they communicated and played using both languages...sometimes in the same sentence. I loved it! They had already used the play-doh. They had a great time playing together.

This afternoon we headed over to the Bucurs for a cookout. Mihaela's best friend, Lillian, and her husband were there as well as another friend, Alex. Kashim, Lillian's hubbie, is from Turkey and did all the grilling. It was outstanding. He started with a ton of vegetables. We had peppers, tomatoes, onions, whole bulbs of garlic, and zucchini.

Then came the meats. There was beef and lamb in chunks. Also he managed to do ground meat on kabobs. These were cooked with eggplant. They were very good. To quote Gabi, "I like flesh!"

Then we wrapped them in bread. Yummy! Miheala had also made a potato dish with marinaded veggies that was outstanding. I had made homemade cookies - this is quite a novelty here!

It was quite an international gathering. Alex is from Belgium so most of the conversation was in English since that was the only language that all of us spoke!