Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Countdown has Begun!

Maria has been counting down the days until we head out to join Steve in Romania. We have 12 days to go!

We have all our summer stuff packed and our 3rd grade school books. My goal is to pack our winter stuff and the remaining odds and ends this coming weekend. Hopefully everything will fit within the four 50 lb. bags we are allowed. That way we don't have to spend any extra money!

We have already booked our first two weekend trips from Bucharest. We will be visiting Barcelona, Spain in March and then Paris, France in April.

Steve has been in Romania almost three weeks and is starting to really get the feel for our new home away from home. He says he is actually starting to enjoy the driving - although he is confident that I will not! Work is starting to pick up. He is moving to our apartment on Monday. It is fairly large by Bucharest standards but very small by Southern standards! But only one potty to clean so it can't be all THAT bad! ;) The picture above is the view from our balcony. We are on the 10th floor.

Maria and I are very ready to join him and start this adventure. What an experience the Lord has planned for us this coming year!