Saturday, March 17, 2007

Can You Say Yummy?

We can...we made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

My home school e-loop posted about a baking day to make cinnamon rolls. I won't call any names..ahem...Katrina...but that got me to craving cinnamon rolls.

I have always just bought the "canned stuff" in the states. Probably because that's what I had first and I tend to be a creature of habit. They don't have the "canned stuff" here. So enter my favorite website... can find pretty much anything here if you look long enough.

I found my recipe. The only ingredient I wasn't sure about was the yeast. So I headed to Mega Image to see what I could figure out. I found what I thought was yeast and after a long, difficult discussion with one of the ladies there, I bought it. I still wasn't convinced it was yeast, mainly because the lady said it wasn't. I've learned to trust my gut here though!

Back at the apartment I ended up in the elevator with a college age lady and so I asked her if she spoke English, she did, and so I asked her if this was yeast. She said yes it was and it makes the bread dough rise. Perfect!

So that evening while Steve was getting his massage, Maria and I quickly mixed up fresh bread and made it into cinnamon rolls. She did all the inside yummy stuff and I did the bready part! Then we hid them in the fridge to rise overnight.

This morning when he left to run we pulled them out to finish rising in the sunshine pouring in the windows and mixed up a quick cream cheese frosting for the top.

I loved the look on Steve's face as he walked in from his run.

Steve: (stopping suddenly inside the door) What's that smell? (big grin and a gleam in his eye)
Maria: Cinnamon rolls, we wanted to surprise you.
Steve: Where did you guys find cinnamon rolls?
Dana: I made them, from scratch, like with yeast and stuff.
Steve: No way! You are out of control! (this is a major compliment from him by the way)

They were yummy too!