Friday, March 02, 2007

First of March Cup

We had a competition at our gym today. It was called the First of March Cup after the holiday yesterday. No scores were given but the girls did their routines in their "cool" leotards. The National Team even competed too!

This is Maria and Coach Mihaela waiting for her turn to do floor. She did great! She missed one of the skills they added this week but she handled it perfectly.

This is the younger girls sitting and watching the rest of the competition. It's awesome to watch the top level gymnasts right there three foot away. Even warming up on the same floor as the National Team is an experience in itself. I don't have any of the pictures from the routines. I did video though - I heard that cheer Granny!

This is the whole team that competed today. This is as good as I could get them to smile. For some reason when they pose with the whole group they don't like to smile!

Good luck to our teammates in the states as they travel and compete this weekend too!