Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween in Romania

Instead of regular language lessons last night, Maria was invited to go for Halloween with Alexa and Florin. Mihaela came and picked her up around 4:30pm and they headed back to her house. Maria said they played some games, got costumes on, and practiced their poems.

After they were ready they went to the parents' houses, the grandparents' and other relatives' houses. When they were there, they recited poems in English and Romanian. They received "sweets" for their hard work.

When they came to our house, one boy was very pleased to "show off" his command of the English language. As soon as he came in, he turned to me and asked in English, "you do not speak Romanian?" I said, "no, do you speak English?". He said, with a slight lift of his chin, "yes, I do." I said, "I like your red hair". He just smiled!

At the end, the last boy stepped forward and said, "This is an American classic...(long dramatic pause)...Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat" Steve and I laughed out loud. He looked at us and someone asked, "it is American, yes" Steve replied, "yes, I've used it myself quite a few times!"

Maria had a wonderful time and we were grateful that the Bucurs took the time to include her in their plans. Here is a picture of the kids and the "sweets"!