Sunday, October 01, 2006

Venice - Thursday

This morning we took a bus over the bridge and into Venice. Our first stop was the Piazza San Marco. We went to the museum that has lots of antiques from the reign of the Doges. We enjoyed the museum and watching from the windows as tourists bought the bags of pigeon food and then were, no joke, attacked by pigeons!

In the museum there was this stone face with a mouth and of course the "Fowler" came out in Maria and she had to put her hand in it and then the "Fowler" jumped out of me and I had to scare her and make her jerk her hand back out and then she had to pose for a picture so we could put it all on the blog!

We spent a good deal of time just wandering and looking and getting lost and finding our way again. While wandering we found this great little shop where a gentleman was hand-making the famous Venetian masks. We went in and bought a couple and watched him work for a while. Maria played with their dog and laughed and tried out masks that the man handed her.

At one point while we were walking there was a man playing this romantic song on a guitar and Maria was looking in a store window. I leaned over to Steve and said, "if we were dancing when she turned around, she would FREAK". And Steve said, "let's see." So we started dancing and sure enough she turned around to find us and when she saw us dancing on the streets of Venice, she FREAKED. We are just so embarrassing. The guy playing the guitar was smiling and so were the other people sitting around!

We had discussed riding in a gondola. I mean it is Venice after all. But when we found out it cost around $100 for a 30 minute ride we just couldn't bring ourselves to do that. Then Steve, being the awesome provider that he is, went on the internet and found out that they use the retired gondolas to shuttle people across the canals at various locations. He found one of the locations and paid $2 for all three of us to ride in the gondola! Yeah!!!

We ended our day by walking across the Ponte di Rialto. It is the oldest of the main bridges in Venice. It was last rebuilt in the 1500s. After that we went back to the hotel and out to a late supper.

I'll end with a few random pictures of the streets of Venice.