Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bad Mama, Happy Daughter

This has been an intense week of gymnastics. They have been running anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour past time. They have done some hard conditioning and "coach assisted" stretching. As we leave the gym we change from the trolley to the bus right in front of a gogoshi stand. These are homemade doughnuts that are made fresh right there all day long - you can imagine the aroma on the streets.

So everyday we walk past this aroma and comment on how yummy it smells.

Today we were both hungry, practice was late, the trolley was late and it was already around 11am when we stepped off the trolley. As we walked by the stand Maria said, as usual, "that smells so good". I looked down at her and said, "Let's have a doughnut for lunch!". She laughed until I got in line and she realized I was serious. I comforted her by saying we would have a sandwich for our afternoon snack! So we bought two chocolate filled doughnuts still hot and carried them home.

We ate them up and licked the sugar off our fingers then started our school day with Bible reading. Onto Math, History, Literature, and Logic.

She is now happily doing a review of a Science magazine article and looking forward to a peanut butter sandwich afterwhile!