Sunday, October 01, 2006

Murano and Burano - Saturday

We spent the day on Murano and Burano, islands north of Venice. Murano is known for their glass work. We visited the museum there to see the ancient glass and learn a little about the process of glass blowing and creating. We also shopped some for souvenirs.

When it was time for lunch we headed to a grocery store and picked up a roasted chicken, chips, and apples. We headed off a side street and ended up in a small square. All the benches were taken but we just picked a quiet, shady corner and sat down to have our $10 lunch. This lady stopped and starting telling us something in Italian. I thought at first that she was fussing at me for feeding my family from the ground. Steve caught the word park and he said let's go with her. We followed her and she led us to a great park with picnic tables and a play ground.

After lunch we headed to the island of Burano, known for handmade lace and colorful houses.

Our first stop here was the Lace Museum. They even had a couple of older ladies demonstrating the art. It was beautiful. We picked out a lace handkerchief with a "M"embroideredd on it. I told Maria we would put it in the cedar chest and she could carry it on her wedding day.

One more night of Italian food and we'll head home in the morning!

And yes, Maria made the picture of me and Steve on the street of Burano. I thought she did a great job!