Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cleaning the Potty

One of my faithful friends and readers called and in the conversation she mentioned that she likes the everyday posts as well as the travel posts. She said, and I quote, "I need to know that you clean the pee-pee out of the potty too!"

Well, this one's for you Allison!

This morning I cleaned the bathroom! Now let me expound...there isn't just "normal" toilet yuck here. We frequently (read at least once a week) lose our hot water for a day or two. We once went a whole day without ANY running water! When the water returns it is a beautiful chocolate brown color, that is my favorite color you know. Now, before you germ-a-phobes totally freak out, I use bottled water in the kitchen! Keeping this brown water issue in mind you can imagine what my toilet generally looks like in the bottom. Even a day or two after a cleaning! This does not motivate me to clean more often, actually the opposite!

This lack of hot water issue does seem to dictate when you shower. I have broken down at the end of a three day cold water only stretch and showered in frigid water while screaming in a "semi" controlled manner! :) Since Steve runs frequently he has had to endure the cold shower more often than me. We have washed Maria's feet in cold water once (if you have ever done Rhythmic Gymnastics you understand what those toe shoes smell like!)

So for those of you that envy our ability to travel, it does come at a price. We think it's worth it and it makes the hotels seem simply luxurious by comparison! Have fun cleaning your potty today Allison!