Sunday, October 29, 2006

Times have changed...

Warning: This post contains a high level of geekiness. You should already know which one of us put it together.

Ok, I'm just posting about daylight savings time. We just changed our clocks today and started wondering about the length of daylight here in Bucharest compared to our relatives in Greenville, SC and Schenectady, NY. Thanks to the internet, we didn't have to wonder very long.

Greenville, SC
Schenectady, NY

As you can see, the length of our days here in Bucharest is pretty similar to my hometown of Schenectady. Greenville, however, has a much longer day throughout the year. In December, Greenville will have nearly 1 extra hour of sunlight! You can get more data here for practically any city in the world. Each city has a cool graph to accompany the table.

So for you South Carolinians, are your making good use of all that extra daylight?