Saturday, November 25, 2006

Upside Down Bananas

First, some background about me. I tend to be fairly set in my ways about most things. Believe it or not there is a "correct" way to load my dishes into my dishwasher and if you do it incorrectly I will "reload" them. I knew what this "perfect" way was from the first time I opened the dishwasher.

On to the bananas...I have ALWAYS eaten a banana from the stem end first. I'm not as picky about apples but when I started thinking about it, I always have the stem end at my thumb!

So imagine my shock and amazement when this lady, sitting next to me on the bus, started eating her banana UPSIDE DOWN! I wanted to help her out and turn it around but I didn't know the Romanian translation for, "oh no, wait, that's upside down, the universe will crash if you eat it that way!".

I secretly watched her eat the entire thing, upside down. I couldn't take my eyes off her! But as I watched, I started really analyzing the logistics of banana eating. First, the things that "gripe" me are the last inch that I have to use my fingers for and carrying the peel to the trash. This upside down eating had eliminating these issues. She very neatly held that stem and ate all the banana and then carried the peel off the bus by that same stem. No banana yuck on her fingers. Very cool!

I will be trying out this new method next time I eat a banana! Maybe I'm not as "set in my ways" as we all thought. Ha!!!