Thursday, November 30, 2006

Egypt - Wednesday PM

After breakfast we headed to the hotel and had our Internet hooked up and I blogged, Maria played and Steve napped. While he was napping, Maria and I went to check out the pool. We had already felt the water so she wore a bathing suit and I wore jeans! She tried her hardest to swim but the water was simply too cold or maybe she's just growing up!

We woke Steve up at 1pm and told him we were getting hungry for lunch. So we went and visited the Cairo Tower for a panoramic view of Cairo. The taxi ride there was insane - evidently this is normal here, as all the rides were crazy in one way or another. I didn't get a picture of the tower since they were doing major construction all around it. I found this picture on the Internet so you can see what it looked like.

This a cool tree we saw while waiting for our taxi.

Lunch was at KFC - Maria's choice! Nothing exciting happened there. Then we walked the streets of Cairo. This is a very crowded city. It seems surreal to be here. You can't even sound out the signs since they use a different alphabet. I would say 95% of the women are in head dress, even the teenagers (with their Western bluejeans). We saw two ladies in the full outfit with only their eyes showing. We get alot of stares, especially from the "young hoodlum crowd". We have read that they believe Western women dress like they do because they want that attention. We were safe but it just grates on me after a while. Then we jumped in a cab and headed back to the hotel. Maria and I took short naps and then to the pyramids!

We attended the Sound and Light show at the pyramids. It was cool to be sitting there watching the pyramids and the sphinx! The show was in English. Maria was filling in the gaps with the history of the rulers for Daddy. Too cool! After the show we went to a little cafe there and had an awesome meal of Egyptian food. Steve was delighted because he loves to try out the local cuisine. Maria tried everything but stuck with rice and pita bread at the end. After another cab ride home we were in bed by a little after 9pm. Sorry the pictures from the light show are blurry but I wanted to include them!