Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving - step 1

It dawned on me about 3 weeks ago that I didn't have a "plan" for Thanksgiving. Now, we are currently living in a country that obviously will not be celebrating an American holiday. We are more than willing to celebrate on our own, however, this country doesn't have an abundance of turkeys, cornbread, condensed soup, canned pumpkin, or pie plates. Yikes! My first thought was, "Can I 'do' Thanksgiving without all the above?".

Enter the Granny! She shipped me the ingredients for a pie. This is, without a doubt, the most expensive pie ever when you add in the $25 shipping charge! (Talk about holding your breathe while something bakes!) I used a pie crust mix since I can't get homemade crust right even in America. I started looking for a pie plate. No luck. So what you see below is the ingredients for one pie baked in the tops of my casserole dishes.

They smell yummy and Maria said the batter tasted "just like Granny's". So I think our meal tomorrow will at least end good!

Tune in tomorrow for the outcome of the rest of the meal.