Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fresh Milk

When Maria and I are on our way to gymnastics early each morning we see these ladies on the streets selling what looks like milk. I have been threatening and contemplating stopping and buying this for over a month now. I was very nervous due to these facts: I'm not sure it really is milk, I had no idea how much it would cost, the ladies won't speak english, my romanian is not that great. So finally I decided to ask my friend Mihaela about the "street" milk.

Me - Will the milk on the street kill us?

Mihaela - No, it is milk from the morning milking.

Me - How much should I expect to pay?

Mihaela - You want the fresh milk?

Me - Yes, very much but I'm afraid to try.

Mihaela - I have a lady who brings milk to me every Monday morning, still warm from the cow. I will ask if she has enough for you.

Me - Oh thank you very much that would be great!

Then last Monday night at language lessons I got my milk. In an old Fanta bottle! Last night I got bottle #2, in a water bottle. Yummy! Maria says it tastes like a cow. It kinda does but I love it. Good old "Betty Cow" must have tasted the same. (For those that don't know - I grew up on a small family farm and that was the milk cow we had! And yes that's the same name as my Mother. My Dad had the cow first!)

It also makes the BEST cappucinos in the world! Never used Betty Cow's for that.