Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Egypt - Wednesday AM

We arrived in Egypt this morning around 2:30am. We had to exchange money and purchase a visa before clearing customs. We had no problem figuring all this out and then we grabbed our bags and made our way to the door.

This is where the "fun" started. We were surrounded by very helpful, polite people who all wanted us to ride in their taxi. We finally picked a guy and Steve negotiated a price with him. This was extremely stressful in a VERY foreign country at 3am with about 30 minutes of sleep! Steve was amazing and I just stayed behind him and kept my eyes on our bags and my hand in Maria's!

We arrived at the hotel and were greeted by name! Evidently we were the last to arrive and it is extremely obvious here that we are tourists. We can just forget that "blend in" theory! When the escort took us to our room we were floored. This place is huge! I'll let the pictures tell the story!
The dining area and living room:

Maria's personal bedroom:

The Master Bedroom:

The view from the bedroom balconies (yes that is the Nile):

The Main Balcony seating area:

The view from that balcony:

This morning we jumped in a cab and held on while he zipped us through the morning commute to a little breakfast place Steve had found online.

It was outstanding!

Then we walked back to the hotel along the Nile. No fears for the Mama until it was time to cross the 6 lane road! Thankful there was a raised median and we got between two locals and ran when they did. Too close for my comfort, but otherwise I feel very safe. The locals are extremely polite while trying to take your money! We have been offered multiple tours and trips already. We just keep saying "no thank you", of course Steve says it in Arabic!