Sunday, November 19, 2006

Running in Romania

Maria loves to run with her Daddy. They competed in a 5k (3.1 mile) race shortly before we left for Romania. This winter he has started doing a long run on Saturday and likes to "rebound" on Sunday with a shorter, easier run. So he takes Maria with him.

For those of you who read his blog, Steve J's Running Blog, you know that he ran around the People's Palace yesterday. He has quite a bit of history on it so check it out by clicking on the blog name in the previous sentence. He is also running a contest right now and you could win some jelly beans! Don't think this is strictly a "runners only" blog. Steve is actually quite funny and I think my mom is one of his most loyal readers! He tends to know more of the history of things than me.

When Maria heard that he ran to and around the palace she wanted to as well, so off they went this afternoon. This time they drove to the palace since the run around it is 1.75 miles. They finished it with a sprint finish and a time of 19 minutes, 19 seconds. Very impressive!

Steve made some pictures of her, just like the ones on his running magazine that always makes the runners look like conquering heroes. They seem to lay on the ground to take their pictures!

Here is our conquering hero: