Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I have found heaven on earth!

We have a new shopping area close to our apartment called Auchon. I went today while Maria was in gymnastics since the grocery area opens at 8 am. As I was walking through to see if anything new had opened up I saw a bookstore. I was starting to walk on by, but the "reader" in me had to go in, even though I thought everything would be in Romanian.

I wandered around a little then on my way out I tried to ask if they had anything in English. After I gave up on trying to ask in Romanian and just said, "books in English?" the lady smiled and answered in PERFECT English, "yes, right over here". They had two whole shelves of Classics in English! I was so excited. English books within walking distance! If I ration them out they may last through the next year.

Now if I could just convince a family member to come visit us every other week I would lack for nothing!

UPDATE: Maria has already snagged one of MY new books! I guess she was feeling a little new book deprived too!