Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Things I Miss!

I spoke with two special cousins/friends this afternoon and we seemed to end up on the topic of what is different here and things I miss. So I thought I might try to make a list...ya'll know how much I LOVE a list!

In the home:
Clothes dryer - I could literally HEAR Stephen put on his freshly washed jeans this morning in the dark!

Box Springs - They only have the mattress part. Ok but not what I'm used to having.

Light switches in the "right" spot - switches here are above my eye level and seem to be behind doors around corners, in very awkward spots

MY oven - this one has no temperature gauge and gets very hot (at least 400 degrees even on the lowest setting)

Charmin - 'nough said!

Bi-lo - Where I know where everything is or I have a good idea where they would put a new product (Hey James!)

Cashiers - it's bag your own here and most will just sit and wait until you get your stuff bagged so they can ring up the next person

Personal space - there is none here!

Making a grocery list without the assistance of the translation dictionary

Being able to read the directions on a product.

English units - How much is 300g REALLY?

Odds and Ends:
Feeling like part of the group - not hearing ANYONE speak your language while out in public leaves you feeling very isolated and distant.

People in general don't return smiles.

The library

Going to church where I know the majority of the people in attendance. (We have a very friendly church and great Pastors but I still have lots of people to learn names and faces)

Having to use cash everywhere and no debit card (there is an international usage fee)

Smoking - lots of smoking in public - non smoking sections don't really exist here.

Things I like very much about Romania:
Public transportation - I've really never liked driving anyway!

Feta Cheese - outstanding, this is my new snack of apple and a slice of feta

The produce - and according to the locals we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet!

The Piata (Farmer's market) - it's hard to get my order across and pay, but man is is worth it!

Being able to walk to the park

Fornetti - a small pastry, like a crossant with different fillings

Hearing the vonage phone ring!!!

I think that's all I can think of for now.

It comes down to this...what I miss most is all of you and not things. I like that a lot.

I love all of you,

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