Monday, March 13, 2006

Sunday in Barcelona

Our last day in Barcelona until September. We went to the Barcelona Zoo and it was a very clean, beautiful zoo. We spent about three hours there. Here are some of the animals we saw.

Our flight left Barcelona around 6:15pm. We were going through Munich with only a 45-minute layover! When our flight was delayed for 30 minutes we went to check to see if we would make our connection. The staff said we would!

When we walked into the Munich airport we looked at the board and it said our flight was boarding at H34, we were at G2! Maria said, "let’s run!" and she took off. We ran at full speed until we hit passport control. It took us a few minutes to get through that (and time for the Mama to catch her breath) then we were off again. Praise the Lord our flight was delayed there as well, and we made it on board with time to spare. We all conked out until the approach to Bucharest.

We arrived back in our apartment a little after 2am!

Barcelona is a great city. The public transportation is clean and well marked. The streets are pedestrian friendly and the people speak enough English that you can survive without knowing Spanish. I would love to spend a week there!