Monday, March 13, 2006

Saturday Afternoon in Barcelona

After an all-you-can-eat Chinese food buffet for lunch (We were starving after so much walking and climbing in the morning) we went to the Mirador de Colom. The Mirador de Colom (Columbus monument) is located at the bottom of La Rambla, by the sea. A great work of architecture built in 1888 on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition commemorating the discovery of America.

We rode the elevator up to the viewing gallery, 60m above ground. There were no stairs to climb to Maria’s disappointment. She had been looking forward to seeing this monument since we have been studying US history this year in school.

There were lion statues around the base so what else should you do but ride that lion! Crazy Americans. Ha ha

After leaving the Columbus Monument we headed toward another area of town that took us through the Catalunya Square. Everyone was feeding the pigeons so it seemed like the thing to do! Maria actually got them to eat right out of her hand!

We walked up more stairs to the Museu Nacional D’art de Catalunya. The building itself is phenomenal but we didn’t go inside. No one is a big art lover and we had other things that we really wanted to do. So no educational info just a really pretty building!

We attempted to find the Olympic park buildings from when Barcelona hosted the Olympic Games in 1992, I believe. We found the stadium but it was locked. This is the stadeum where all the flags are still up.

I managed to get this picture by sticking my camera through a hole in the fence!

From here Maria decided she wanted to see what was on top on this huge hill (mountain to my eyes!). There was this "goat path" that led upward but Stephen had mercy on me and found a bus going to the top! What we found at the top was a great experience for them as father/daughter. It was the Museu Militar.

It was a coastal fortress. Maria thought that was cool because she’s been playing a computer game, Civilization, which has a coastal fortress. She climbed up on the cannons and Steve provided background info on who would have been out there etc.

Then Maria noticed a plane coming in for a landing. She and Stephen watched it while it landed and he explained everything the pilot would be doing to land the plane. I loved this picture of them watching the plane!

That evening after supper we went back to the Art museum for the light show. They have a huge water fountain that they light up at night on the weekends and add colored lights and music. The show is fabulous! After watching for about 45 minutes we headed home for our usual coffee and dessert!