Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Romanian Appliances

Greetings from Romania! This is Maria sitting at our "school area" also known as the kitchen table! She and Stephen brought the flowers home to me after their last date. There are flower stands all over the streets.

We haven't been doing anything cool or exciting. I thought some of you might like to see the appliances we have here in Bucharest.

This is my stove here. For those of you who know how much I LOVE my kitchen in the states understand what an adjustment this has been for me!

This is our refrigerator. No, Maria hasn't grow that tall in the two months we've been gone. The fridge is actually that small.

This is the dishwasher - well actually the "dishwasher" is taking the picture! Ha Ha

This is the clothes washer. You can fit about 4 adult jeans in it at a time. I have to literally switch the drain under the kitchen sink when I want to wash clothes. Needless to say we wear clothes more than once here!

This is the clothes dryer. You can fit about two loads of laundry at a time. It takes most items about a day to dry. Sometimes jeans and sweatshirts take a little longer. Maria likes to pretend it's a harp on non-washing days. It actually plays a nice little tune! :)

The potty flushes by the button on top. This is a step up from the potty at gymnastics that has the tank up high on the wall and you pull the cord to release the water and flush the potty.

Hopefully we'll have some more exciting news after the "birthday" weekend!

Love you guys, Dana and Maria