Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gymnastics in Romania

This is Maria's rhythmic gymnastics team in Romania. Today she was asked to compete with them for the rest of this season. We were a little surprised and very honored. Starting tomorrow she will be practicing each afternoon with the team. She will still be doing the routines that she had in the states. The coaches may add some of the new skills she has learned here though.

I am thankful that we are being included more in the group. I actually felt like "one of the Moms" in the locker room today!

These are the coaches. The one on the right is Doina Firica. I'm not sure what the other lady's name is! Doina speaks a little English. The other speaks no English. Usually one of the other gymnasts translates.

Today when they lined up shortest to tallest to wish the coaches Good-day and good-bye one of the girls translated to Maria that she was "an official team member". Evidently even the Romanians think this is a big deal!