Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday Morning in Barcelona

We started the day at the Farmer's Market. When we saw this place last night with all the fresh fruit we knew where breakfast was going to be. We found a grill inside and ordered our hot breakfast. We tried to order two scrambled eggs for Maria but they came out over-easy. She was an adventurous eater and tried them. She loved them so much she ate every bite along with the loaf of fresh bread!

After that we stopped and got some fresh fruit to eat sitting in the sunshine. They also had fresh fish that just came in that morning.

We had to take the Metro to our next stop and the gentleman in the picture below was playing "Ava Maria" in the subway. I started singing and of course that embarrassed Maria!

After breakfast we went to the Temple de la Sagrada Familia. The foundation stone was laid in 1882. Antoni Gaudi, a devout Christian, worked on the project for over 40 years. Twelve bell towers will be built, 100 m. high (about 100 yds), representing the apostles, and a central dome, 170 m high, honoring Jesus Christ, flanked by the towers of Mary, 125m high, and those of the four evangelists.

We climbed the stairs to the top. Very tiring. The staircase was stone and you had to go single file, straight up a spiral stairwell. (There was an elevator but it cost 2 euros!) Maria loved the climb!

Next we headed to a famous park, Parc Guell, which was designed by the same architect. It has lots of winding paths and awesome views. This is the lizard that is at the entrance. Evidently EVERYONE who goes to Barcelona is supposed to get their picture taken with the lizard so here is Maria's.

We also found the crosses at the crest of the park. The view from up here was outstanding!

This was the view from the top:

This is probably one of my favorites...I've always had a weakness for columns. This was in the park as well. They had a sitting area and there was several musicians playing music.