Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Museum of the Romanian Peasant

We finally caught up on our shopping and spent the day doing the tourist thing!

We spent the morning at The Museum of the Romanian Peasant. It was actually quite interesting. And unlike American museums it wasn't outrageously priced! It only cost us 14 new lei which is less than $5.00 USD. It was additional to take pictures inside the museum so we opted for several postcards from the gift shop and I bought a Romanian Easter Egg that is beautifully painted.

We saw several native costumes, lots of crosses and relics taken from the Orthodox Churches in the villages. Very elaborate glass icons of Mary and Jesus. I think Jesus looks like an old man in these depictions. I also found it interesting that several icons depicted a man on horseback slaying a dragon/dinosaur. Must have been some vivid imaginations at was created the same day as the dinosaurs just as the Bible states, but I digress!

They actually had a church from a village and all it's contents intact within the museum. The church below was outside so we could take pictures of it. There was also an entire house set up to be a replica of the way the rural people lived in the earlier centuries.

If you are interested in more information about this museum the web site is: