Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Week of Ups and Downs

Another week has passed here in Romania. It has been an odd week of ups and downs. But I guess they're all like that! Since some of you seem to like to hear the "daily grind" stuff I'll give you a recap of 5 lows, then 10 highs. You know it's best to be positive!

1 - Maria came down with some sort of virus/cold thing and napped on the sofa all day Friday. No eating, no energy.
2 - I saved the vacuuming and mopping to do on Friday then didn't because Maria was napping all day!
3 - I had to wear my silk long johns for the first time this week as we saw snow two days.
4 - I haven't been able to find icons for the homeschool website I'm "mistressing" from here.
5 - Mihaela's brother has inoperable cancer and needs treatment in the US and they are having trouble getting him into the program.

1 - I made TWO homemade cheesecakes and they were outstanding! Even the Bucurs liked them. The kids too!
2 - I didn't fall on the icy sidewalks going to gymnastics on Tuesday. I also had remembered to bring the silk long johns!
3 - Maria is feeling better and is at least eating a little and reading on the sofa now instead of napping!
4 - I got all the coats washed since we were "home bound" all day Friday.
5 - Stephen posted his funniest blog yet. Check it out here.
6 - The website went "live" on Thursday and people seem to be enjoying our hard work. You can check out the visitor's page at
7 - Aurelia is coming today, to the apartment, to give us massages. Thanks honey!!
8 - We'll get to go to church tomorrow since Maria is on the mend and hasn't been sick to her stomach since Friday morning.
9 - Steve's parents have quit smoking. This is something I have prayed for them for years. We want them to be around for a LONG time. Maria is delighted! Well actually all of us are delighted. Keep at it Gramma and Grampa!
10 - My Lord Provides all my needs. I've felt a little "between" things in my Bible study, and low and behold, I got an email this morning that a friend from home is starting an online Bible study. I already have my first Assignment! Thanks Maggie for letting the Lord minister to me, through you!