Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Us!

We are celebrating 12 years of marriage today. This is quite a long time by "modern" standards. I loved the man Stephen was 12 years ago, I love the man he is today, and by God's grace I will love the man he is going to be in another 12 years.

Here are 12 reasons I love him:

1 - I love him because I am commanded in Scripture to do so. Do I even need to go further? I don't...but I will!

2 - I love that he isn't afraid to change his opinion on things. Not because his view isn't popular but because he has studied and meditated on it and the Lord has opened his eyes.

3 - I love that he still gets really excited about a good meal. He will eat ANYTHING I prepare and tell me truthfully if he likes it or not.

4 - I love his physical body. Yep, 35 years old and he is in outstanding shape!

5 - I love that he isn't bashful about being first in line to fix his plate or eating the last bite of a dish. He was the first person to "line-up" in front of Will at our family gatherings. And don't you just hate it when that last piece of something is wasted because everyone is afraid to be "the one" that ate it!

6 - I love that he is willing to live next door to my parents. Not that they're not the coolest but my ENTIRE family lives within about 15 miles of us. Over 50 people total...not counting distant relatives!

7 - I adore the fact that he makes my coffee each morning even though he waits until he gets to work to drink his. There's nothing like being pampered in the morning.

8 - I love that he laughs and plays with Maria. He can be extremely goofy when playing with his little girl.

9 - I love that he has never once called our household income, "his money". Once we decided that I would stay home he has never brought up the income I would have been making if I had remained an engineer.

10 - He's not afraid to laugh at me or himself. Really, don't we ALL just take things a little TOO seriously?!?

11 - He loves to travel and find the bargains, which enables us to travel MORE!

12 - He appreciates my role in the family and allows me to live out my responsibility as helpmeet with joy and pleasure!

Happy Anniversary Honey! I love you and I'm looking forward to our big date after church at the cool swarma place. As we said last night, it's not like we haven't done LOTS of cool stuff this year!