Monday, February 19, 2007

I Have Lurkers!

I installed a "site meter" to my blog...and yes I installed it and then helped Stephen install one on his blog!

The next morning I eagerly clicked on my site meter button to see who had logged onto my blog. I expected to see about 3 or 4 addresses in SC and maybe 1 or 2 in NY...if I was lucky.


I have someone in Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Connecticut, somewhere in the middle of the states, lots in NC, and two in other towns in Romania reading my blog - regularly.

Now there were several that I think I can guess on...but...who are you people? Do I know you? Do you know me? And how come the only comments that are ever posted are from Granny and Allison?

So here is my request for the week: Please post a comment. I am "calling out" the lurkers. I want just one comment, cluing me in to who you are. It's ok if we don't know each other. I read several blogs of people I have NEVER met for some unknown reason. (Now I'm thinking they probably wonder who in the world knows them in Romania - Ha ha) Some of them have called me out and I posted a brief note stating who I am. Please do me the same courtesy.


Even if you read this blog simply because you can't believe a family would, willingly, pack up and move to Romania for a year...well two years but who's counting! Ok, Granny is counting.


I'm waiting... Come on you can do it!


Did I mention that everyone who has posted has received a handmade glass ornament from the glass factory in Romania?


DISCLAIMER: Ok, Stephen "wigged" out when he read about the ornaments! He is concerned that this will make it to the internet at large and we will have to buy over 300 ornaments or something. I don't think it's possible but....we have a limit on the ornaments. Maybe a postcard would be the second award or an email from Romania. Or just a smile on my face as I read your comment!