Sunday, January 28, 2007

I am OLD!

I awoke at about 4am and literally couldn't move in bed! I had this massive, painful catch in my upper back. I made it through the rest of the night and then took a hot shower. Thankfully we actually had hot water this morning!

We went to church and out to eat Chinese for lunch. Then I rested and Maria and Stephen went ice skating.

When they asked what was for supper I told them we were planning on having pancakes and sausage, but I just couldn't stand and mix and flip and all. So they decided to cook.

While Stephen was in the shower, he had run 7 miles after ice skating, Maria decided to get all the ingredients out. Then she started measuring. One thing led to another and by the time Stephen got to the kitchen Maria had everything ready except for lighting the stove. (Our stove is a little scary here!)

They sounded so happy in there together I had to sneak in for some pictures!

So even though I feel very old since I can't MOVE, at least I'm being served like a queen.
Ha ha!