Friday, February 23, 2007

Ice Skating

Maria convinced me to come freeze in the ice rink again so I could see how much she had improved. And she was right! After a couple of "warm up" laps holding Daddy's hand she was on her own. And she is flying now.

I think Stephen has the most fun chasing Florin around and playing tag. And he is working diligently on a pivot on the ice. I'm pretty sure he will either master it or we will get to post a blog entry on the ER in a Romanian hospital!

Here are some pictures:

This one is of Stephen and Florin playing tag. Stephen is the one in the middle facing the "wrong" way. Florin is directly behind him. Maria is passing them in the pink jacket.

This ones shows Maria as she flew past me. She's a little blurry. It's getting harder to catch her in motion!

Miheala and Alexa. The Mothers hung out on the edge and chatted!

The kids - do they look like they're having fun?

The Daddies - do they look like they are breathing heavy? (They were, they had been racing with the kids. They're both in good shape but neither is a "skater". Gabi plays soccer and Steve is a runner!)