Sunday, February 18, 2007

End of the Anniversary Re-cap

We went to church this morning and had a good time of worship and fellowship. After church, Stephen took us to the good swarma place. Maria had KFC and Stephen and I got swarmas. Then we headed home with full bellies and a bag of leftovers.

The adults took naps (Maria quit napping around age 2 and hasn't looked back since!) and then Stephen went out and ran a mile for every year of marriage. (He might need to rethink this celebration style in another 12 years but we'll see!) Maria and I baked a pumpkin pie. I managed to squeeze in the luggage from our Christmas trip to the states: a pie plate, two crust mixes, and the makings for two pumpkin pies! Yummy!

If you look down on the left hand side you'll see my Anniversary present. Steve found me a "weather pixie". She will evidently dress for the weather conditions in Bucharest. So when you look at her you'll have some idea of what I look like standing at the bus stop each day! The temperature is listed there, along with the wind speed (which is a critical factor in determining what to wear each day).

Only a piece of pie for my night snack and then bedtime! A calm and relaxing anniversary. Just what I wanted!