Monday, February 20, 2006

Yahweh Yireh - The LORD will provide

I had been concerned and praying over an issue for less than two weeks when the Lord graciously gave me His answer yesterday at church. Steve and I just exchanged looks as we realized that the entire message at church was sent especially for us!

Pastor Adi, our Romanian Pastor, was bringing the message and his wife was translating. He preached out of Judges concerning Gideon's, our should I say Our Lord's, victory over the Midianites. The statement that brought me to my knees in my heart was, "sometimes, what we are called to do doesn't make sense with man's logic, but in God's logic it is perfect". So here I was trying to "figure" out what I should do, what I should say, how I should "fix" this issue.

Through Pastor Adi the Lord asked me to do three things: 1 - Obey in all situations, always and 2 - Dedicate myself to Him and Him alone and 3 - Learn to be dependent on Him.

That is what this trip is designed to teach me. I have been ripped out of my comfort zone. In the states I go from my family, to my church, to my homeschool group, and that's about it! Not much strain there! :) Here I am surrounded by people who do not share my background, my opinions, my anything. Here I have the Lord and He has graciously allowed my immediate family to journey with me. Thank you Lord, for not allowing me to journey this without You and them.

We have learned first hand that the Lord is Yahweh Yireh meaning he is the God who provides. He goes before us to ensure His victory. He went before Gideon into that enemy camp to provide the victory. All Gideon had to do was let his light shine and make some noise. That is what we want to do here in Romania. We want to rest in the knowledge that the Lord is going before us. Then when He is ready we want to be listening. Then we will let His light shine and make some "noise" proclaiming that the Lord is great and greatly to be praised!

I know this isn't about Romania or our adventures in a new country but some things are just so exciting you have to make some noise! I am sitting here in a new home watching the sunrise and rejoicing that my Lord knows me well. In this area it is hard for me to wait. I am so thankful the Lord supplied my answer quickly and completely. I am so thankful that He has gone before us and already knows every experience we will encounter. I am thankful that even on the other side of the ocean from where I have always called home, He is here. And that is enough.