Saturday, February 18, 2006

Our Romanian Meal

After our trek to the mall, we were invited over to our Landlady's house for a meal that started at 2pm. As you can tell from the picture, she LOVES Maria. I believe she prepared every Romanian specialty! I lost count of the number of courses that we had. At one point we even took a break from eating and went to the den to "rest" between courses.

We started with a salad of sorts (red bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers in a dressing of mayo, mustard and eggs) also an egg dish. Sort of like a quiche without the crust that had beef, mushrooms with the eggs. Also served with this course was a sour cream sauce, a mustard based sauce and fresh feta and mozzarella cheese. Next was meatball soup. Outstanding!!! Meatballs and chunks of potatoes in a thin broth with lots of seasonings. Next was a meat dish with beef and seasonings wrapped in cabbage and chunks of sausage in a tomato based sauce. It was served with polenta which is a side dish made with corn meal, butter and water. Then we took our "break". Next was grilled sausages and baked chicken served with pickled vegetables. The vegetables included red bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and green tomatoes.

We had dessert (or should I say 4 desserts) in the den with coffee. Tiramisu, a chocolate and coconut concoction, cake with cheese and raisins, and a wafer cookie with molasses and nuts. The picture is all the desserts and the friends that prepared this feast for us.

The mom had trouble understanding that I'm full means I really don't want to try more. Everything was so good that I managed to at least try a few bites of each dish. We enjoyed both the food and the fellowship and stayed until after 6pm. We had planned to shop afterwards but that had to wait until tomorrow.