Saturday, February 18, 2006

Our Anniversary

Today is our 11th anniversary!

We spent this morning going the the Bucharesti Mall. Very American. This is a photo of the metro that is the stop closest to our apartment. I counted and there are 71 steps down to the platform. That is about the average for all the stops we use! Quite a workout.

After the metro we had to get on the tram. The picture is of Stephen looking for the right one to take us to the mall. It is another form of public transportation. It runs on electric cables in the middle of the road. And yes you have to literally stand in the middle of the road on a raised section of concrete to catch it. Motorists also use this lane as a passing/turning/all-purpose lane! At times we have cars 6 across turning left to merge down to one lane. I just close my eyes at times!