Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A good day

Hello all,

Maria and I had a wonderful day today. We went to the little farmer's market down the street from our apartment. I ordered two loaves of fresh bread, paid for them, and told the lady thank you, all in Romanian. And most impressively - without her laughing this time!

Then we went to the park for lunch and I ordered fornetti in Romanian and I'm not sure if the lady even realized that I wasn't Romanian. I least I like to think that.

This was our third day in a row with sunshine and mid to upper 50s. Maria and I took full advantage of the weather and spent about 2 hours in the big park playing and eating lunch.

Maria even attempted to talk to and play with some of the Romanian children that were there as well.

They really take advantage of their parks and get outside a lot more than we seem to in America. We are still amazed at how much the Romanians bundle up even when its warm out. Yesterday was over 60 and lots of people were still walking around in parkas and hats with ear flaps. We certainly looked American in our simple long sleeve tshirts, jeans and nothing else!

Maria tried a gymnastics class yesterday. We liked the coach but it would take us an hour to get there and another hour to get home. We want to keep looking for something closer to us since we will be walking or taking the public transportation to the gym.

More later!