Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On Our Own

Well Stephen returned to work yesterday.

Yesterday Maria and I managed to walk to the Farmer's Market and even ordered fresh bread. The girls behind the counter found my pronunciation very amusing. Of course when Maria said "mulţumesc", which means thank you, she got big smiles not laughter!

After lunch we walked to the Mega Image, which is the small store that is local. We did well there as well.

Today we grew even bolder and ventured out to the metro and went to the big store, Cora (similar to Walmart). We found all the items on our list and rewarded ourselves with a snack before going back to the metro and home.

Cooking here is still experimental. Lots of the ingredients I use for our usual meals are not available or else I just haven't found them yet! I made a chicken pot pie last night. I used a chicken marinade to make a homemade sauce to mix all the ingredients into then topped it with a puff pastry instead of a plain crust. It was good, just different from what we normally have at home. I also used the puff pastry to make a small dessert. I topped it with cinnamon and sugar and baked it. We were all pleasantly surprised with the results.

They seem to have a wide selection of salamis and cheese. Lots of yogurt. I have been searching for new recipes to use the things that are readily available.

We should be getting new kitchen cabinets tonight to increase my storage space and counter top area. The new bed is hopefully coming this weekend.

Nothing else new is going if a whole new world isn't enough!

We love all of you,