Monday, February 13, 2006

Our first days

Hello all!

We are starting day 3 in Romania. We spent all day Saturday shopping and getting settled in the apartment. First priority was Maria's room. We have her room almost ready. We still need to move some of the Landlord's things out to make room for the stuff we need. As you can see in the picture, we managed to find a pink bedspread!

The only big piece of furniture needed is our bed. We have one now but we want one slightly larger and a new mattress that allows you to remain on your side and not roll to the middle!

Three different times while we were shopping I was approached by Romanians and asked long questions. They looked very surprised when I would say, "I am so sorry". Evidentally we look very Romanian even to the people themselves!

We went to church on Sunday. Maria went to the children's class which meets during the worship service (which lasted around an hour and a half). She seemed to really enjoy the group and made several new friends. We observed the Lord's Supper during the service. They used an actual loaf of bread that was passed and you pulled your piece off yourself. I liked that. It seemed more authenic or something. We met some of the American families that are here. Some of them also homeschool so we talked about getting together after we settle in a little more. After church we went to eat with Whitney and her friend Luke who is visiting from Britain. The rest of the day was spent in the apartment resting and organizing.

Our landlady and her daughter came last night to get the new stove hooked up. The Mom, who doesn't speak English, just fell in love with Maria. She would just talk to her with her hands on her cheeks and smile. You can tell she really loves kids!

We are going with Anca today to get some odds and ends. Hopefully we can find a gym for Maria to take gymnastics too. We'll see if we get to that.

Tomorrow Maria and I will be on our own as Steve will go back to work. We'll see if we're brave enough to venture out on our own!