Monday, April 23, 2007

We are an oddity

I still find it amusing how people in our area react to the fact that we are Americans. Most have never met someone that was actually born in America. Most know someone who has moved there.

When we first started at gymnastics, everyone would fall silent when we walked into the locker room. They would even quit talking to each other! Now they greet us (usually in both languages) and some of the older ones will even start conversations with me. I love it!

Today, though, I had to go to the post office. While in line, the older gentleman behind me noticed that my passport wasn't maroon like the Romanian ones. He tapped it and asked me something I didn't understand. I told him I didn't understand (in Romanian). He then asked if I spoke Romanian. I told him a small bit. So he asked where I was from. I answered in Romanian. I was very pleased with my ability and thought this would end the conversation. I smiled and looked away.

Not so quick lady, this may be my only chance to talk to a native American.

So we went on to discuss the tragedy in VA. The professor who blocked his classroom was from Romania originally. He told me that and I agreed. He must have thought that we couldn't get English news here. Then he told me that things like that don't happen in Romania.

He mentioned President Bush and former President Clinton. I think he liked Clinton better but I'm not sure.

He knew about New York City. No facts just the name. I nodded and expressed that I had heard of it too.

Several things he said I didn't understand. When I would shake my head he just said them louder and leaned closer. I would nod and say yes!

Then he wanted to help me, so when it was my turn he maneuvered me into position and nodded toward the clerk. I smiled and handed her my notice and passport. He then asked me if I needed money for my package. I told him no, I was good. It was like standing there with my grandfather.

He also told me he learned Russian in school but now they learn English. And he has 9 children.

When I got my package I told him goodbye and left. For all I know he may be blogging about our encounter right now too!