Sunday, April 22, 2007

Camping with the Missionaries

We left Bucharest on Friday after lunch and headed out to the camp with our missionary friends. We were planning on helping cut lumber to build a shed. They have a new sawmill and the logs were waiting for us.

The camp is in a beautiful setting. We reached the end of the paved road, the electrical lines, the cell towers, the water and sewer pipes and drove another 10 minutes into the country before coming to the camp!

It was great! They already have tents set up on platforms and an entire cooking area. We checked out everything and threw our stuff in one of the tents.

This is the outhouse. It actually has a seat that is over the hole in the ground. The smell wasn't bad at all!

The first night was just us and Steve Mather. His wife, two of his girls, and Scott came up early on Saturday morning. They had a concert at school Friday night.

After breakfast on Saturday we all headed down to the sawmill and the 5 adults rolled a 2000 pound log up onto the mill!

The girls went to play in the mud. They had so much fun hiking and playing in the creek and poking the fire and catching frogs and lizards!

This was the only bath any of us took for the weekend!

It was so much fun we plan to go back next weekend and help build the shed with the lumber we sawed this weekend.

Don't let the pictures fool you! The sunshine was warm, if fact we all have rosy cheeks. However the temperature last night was below freezing. I slept in 4 layers on my top half and added another one when I got out of bed. I was probably the coldest. Everyone else either grew up out west, the north or Romania! I have no clue how Maria was running around barefoot in stream water. Although we've always called her our "little Yankee baby"!