Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Amsterdam on Tuesday

We crossed the border over into the Netherlands today. It was almost three hours on the train but they're comfortable and fairly inexpensive.

Our first stop was to the secret annex, where Anne Frank hid during the Nazi occupation. You couldn't take pictures inside but we took a few outside. We literally stepped through the opening behind the bookcase and into the secret annex! I had already figuratively stepped through, with Anne holding my hand, as a child. It was amazing to share this experience with Maria. I kept getting teary eyed thinking about those 8 people living there for so long! They had the black out curtains up and even Maria said, "I would have missed the sunshine and being outside". This is probably my favorite experience, since I had already been there while reading.

We headed to the flower market and oohed and aahed over the huge flowers and bulbs. They were amazing.

There were bicycles everywhere. They even had a parking garage for bicycles at the train station.

Then we went to a new museum called the NEMO. It is an interactive science museum and we ALL had a blast.

We caught the 5:23pm train headed back to Brussels and ate our supper out of a paper bag.

Back to Bucharest tomorrow.