Monday, April 30, 2007

Second Camping Trip

We headed out to the camp again this weekend. This time there was a total of 17 people there.

We had the two missionary families that are running the camp. Steve and Cami Mather with all four of their girls and Scott and Noemi DeWeerd.

Then we had another missionary family Dewayne and Donna with their two kids, the three of us, and another "MK" that goes to school with all the other kids. There was also a interim missionary, just out of college, that came with the Mathers for the weekend.

By the time we arrived on Friday, with two of the Mather girls, the floor was already down on the shed. The men worked for a short while sawing more logs and then we had supper. The van with the rest of the kids arrived late (they stayed for the full school day). Steve had been to the embassy to renew his passport and had bought REAL graham crackers for the s'mores. Everyone raved on them!

All 7 of the unmarried females slept in one tent. It was wall to wall sleeping bags. Maria loved it!

The next morning the men went to work and built the walls and roof. They even had the siding up by supper! Then after supper they decided to go ahead and work until dark and get the shingles up too.

During the day the girls played in the woods and built a little fort, waded in the creek and ran with Abby, the DeWeerd's beagle.

After lunch on Sunday, we were sitting in the blazing sun discussing what still needed to be packed up when a very dark cloud rolled over the mountain. Following it was a very cold breeze. Then a little thunder in the distance! We quickly decided to fore go the volleyball game and pack up...quick! People scattered and we managed to get everything in the metal building and locked up before the real rain started.

Steve Mather had been staying at the camp for the past 37 days since they had no way to lock up the sawmill. Thankfully, with the shed that was completed this weekend he got to come home and spend the week with his family.