Sunday, May 28, 2006

An Evening at the Ballet

Steve took us to the ballet at the Romanian Opera House this evening for my Mother's Day present. I just love that I can literally walk out of my apartment get on the Metro then walk to a National Ballet production in about 30 minutes!

I, of course, had us leave way too early and we got the the Opera House an hour before show time. We hung around outside since the doors didn't even open for another 30 minutes. The interior of the Opera House was beautiful and very elaborate. Steve is wondering in the second picture why in the world are we ALWAYS so early for everything?!?

The production was entitled Simfonia Fantastica. It was a modern ballet and the cast was super. We didn't understand what was happening too much but could follow along and clap at the appropriate times. And at $8 a ticket for 3rd row seats, we'll be heading back. Next time for a more classical ballet or one more geared with children in mind.

Three more days!