Monday, May 22, 2006

A super quick answer to prayer!

Maria hadn't been to gymnastics in two weeks so she was a little nervous this morning. Especially about her hoop routine. The Romanian coaches had re-choreographed most of it since Maria couldn't remember it very well. Maria was concerned that she couldn't remember the changes and if she did that it was too hard. (It is a challenging routine)

When we were walking to the bus stop on the way to practice we were discussing her concerns...again. I told her we should pray about it so we just stopped right there on the streets of Bucharest and had us a word of prayer. I think we both felt better after giving the Lord control over the routine and the coaches' reactions to it.

Well let me tell you how strong MY Lord is...not only did she remember the new routine after 14 days off, she caught both tosses and had super leaps. The coaches even said, "Bravo" when she finished! If they could only understand that it was actually the Lord doing that routine through that precious little girl!

I wish I could share the picture of her face when she finished that routine. I guess only I can enjoy the picture that's in my mind. But I can assure you she absolutely GLOWED!

Here's a close up after we got home - it'll have to do for now!