Monday, May 01, 2006

The Romanian Countryside - Day 2

The Romanian Countryside is amazing! We started the day with a warm shower. This sounds very simple and straightforward, however the hot water is heated by an actual wood fire under the tank. For breakfast we had fresh bread, eggs that were gathered that morning and milk served hot. I assume it was goat's milk since I could watch the sheep outside while I was eating. I had never had goat's milk but it was very tasty!

After eating we headed to the town of Sinaia to see the Peles Castle. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside but it was amazing. There was furniture and furnishings from all over the world. It was very beautiful and the tour guide was excellent.

Next we rode a cable car up the mountain in the town of Busteni. We went up to 7200 feet! We planned on doing some hiking on the top of the mountain but there was snow everywhere. It was very windy and cold so we opted to look out from the line to ride back down. We stood in line a total of about 3.5 hours! We saw a mountain goat on the way up and down but I was too slow both times to get the picture.

On the way home I tried to get some of the farming going on around us. I loved how the men looked who were shepherding their flocks. I felt goofy and the guy was staring at me but I got his picture anyway. We laughed as we drove away. I said he has no clue his picture is going on the internet for all the world to see!

I was intrigued by these hay piles that were everywhere. Somehow, with just a pitchfork they can get the hay in the tallest, narrowest piles! There were always animals grazing on the sides of the road but I couldn't convince myself to stop and take the picture.

We are considering coming back in the fall to see the leaves changing color. I'm sure Maria will want to stay with the same family!